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Adios to Hateful Fats – Jamie Chua

(Content by Jamie Chua)

Do you ever feel that you can never be slim enough, not just because you are grossly overweight but because of sagging tissues and stubborn fat areas? As a normal woman, I do often feel that way. No matter how slim I am or how regularly I exercise, some fats just stick to you like a leech!!! Ergghhhhhh…

Especially after childbirth, our bodies never really look or feel that same way again. We start to lose our former confidence and our self-esteem gets affected. These problems are now a thing of the past. I let science show me the way to a firmer, slimmer, younger me. Let our glory reinstate and we can be happy, healthy and beautiful again!!!

I discovered Cambridge Therapeutics, and you should too…

Make that first step because you are definitely worth it. No one should suffer at the hands of stubborn fats and cellulite!!!

Let’s see what science can do…

CryoSculpt Program

I am at Cambridge Therapeutics and the consultant is explaining to me how the CryoSculpt Program is a non-invasive doctor designed treatment that can selectively target problem areas and yet is safe and effective.

Body Fat Analysis

Body & Fat Analysis

Body Fat Analysis

Body Fat Analysis

Body Fat Analysis

First, a Body Fat Analysis is done followed by the consultant taking detailed measurements of the strategic areas.

Ready & waiting for my therapist

Ready & waiting for my therapist

The CryoSculpt

The CryoSculpt

The CryoSculpt

The CryoSculpt is very effective for fat reduction, cellulite improvement and body reshaping as well as contouring and skin tightening.


The Ultra-Cavitation function emits powerful cavitation with multi-pulse to eliminate fats and seep fat layers


The therapist is working the ultra-cavitation on my thigh. She uses a firm kneading motion to ensure maximum effectiveness of the cavitation and encourages our lymph nodes to detox unwanted fats out of our body. This treatment is not painful in fact its a comfortable feeling like you are being massaged. I quite enjoy this detox knowing that I will be saying bye bye to hateful fats.


The Multi-polar RF emits RF Thermal energy with electro-magnetic waves for exceptional skin tightening


This is my favourite!!! It is so relaxing that I almost always fall asleep when the therapist is working on me. Soothing like a lullaby. LOL. Don’t be scared of the red light, it is not hot, just warm and the therapist work this warmness in circular motions around the areas to lift, firm and tighten loose skin.

cryosculpt therapy

I am feeling so relaxed after my treatment. No more needing to sweat buckets in the gym when I can now let science do my workout for me. I can save time as well as I work from my phone and while doing my treatment I can do my work too! Killing two birds with one stone! YES!


More products to further accelerate the process to a fitter and more beautiful body!!! The Cambridge Lipo Cellular Active Gel helps to eliminate retained water in order to smooth the skin. Using this after every shower, it treats aqueous cellulite. Next I apply the Cambridge Cellulite Relief Cream that promotes fat release as well as smooth my skin. Lastly, I apply Cambridge Body Firm & Contour Cream to achieve an instant contouring and lifting effect to redefine my body contour. A hell lot of stuff to pile on but hey, nobody said that staying gorgeous is not hard work and a whole lot of dedication!

Ok it’s time for lunch. Hmmm…lunch??? After all that time spent on body treatment??? JC says yes, of coz you can! Because we live to eat!!! What’s life without wining and dining geez!!!

Ohhhh ohhh yes I know, I am having a fruit punch! Its kind of sweet. I know, I’m very brave to even compromise. But wait…

What’s that? Happy pills? Nahhhh…its a fat burner tailored for me by Cambridge. I pop 2 of these before each meal, completely safe and organic. And 2 more Fat Blocker after my meal.

Let’s eat!!!

A big hearty mushroom salad to start…

ERRRRRR….pasta…carbo, no sweat! Just enjoy!!! xoxo

Experience the results for yourself at Cambridge Therapeutics 391B Orchard Road, #08-05A2 Ngee Ann City Tower B, Singapore 238874 T: 67336729; 1 Scotts Road, #03-03 Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208 T: 62350728

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