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Jamie Chua – Cambridge Therapeutics: Genosis

(Content by Jamie Chua)

As the Hair & Body Ambassador of Cambridge Therapeutics for the last 1 year and counting, I would like to share my experience with the Genosis Hair Regrowth and Scalp care treatment developed by doctors. I have been going for very regular Genosis treatments for a while and I find much new hair growth around my crown area and it has also effectively combatted my hair loss problems.

I wash my hair every day and I also style my hair with hot irons, tongs etc. The many photo shoots I do also mean that my hair is constantly subjected to use and abuse with hair equipment. Therefore it is essential for me to replenish and also take steps to prevent hair loss before it really happens.

I always believe that one thing money can’t buy is a head full of hair LOL!!! Prevention is better than cure!

Winner of the Harpers Bazaar Best Thinning Hair Solution Award, Genosis Hair Growth Therapy is an innovative treatment that includes the mechanism of Minoxidil and Finasteride and uses growth factors extracted with Korean biotechnology. The awards that this treatment has won speaks for itself. Genosis has also won Best Hair Volumising Treatment for Fine Hair from Singapore Women’s Weekly 2015 Hair Awards.




cambridge therapeutics

Warm and friendly service staff who can provide useful information.

Genosis Hair Regrowth Package Program comes in either 6 + 1 for $1500 or 10 + 3 for $2500/ for single session $250. Each session takes 30 minutes.

I am comfortably relaxing in the waiting area over a cup of my favourite tea latte while waiting for my therapist to prepare my treatment room.

Step 1: Clinical Scalp Cleansing

scalp cleansing

The therapist pays special attention around the hairline and problem areas.

This step unclogs hair follicles and prepares it for receiving the nutrients in the following step. The solution has a minty feel that is ultra clean and very enjoyable.





Step 2: Clinical Hair Growth Factors

hair growth factor

Using a micro-needle hair roller, the therapist applies the precious growth factors drop by drop, working it deep into the scalp. You can feel the movement of the microneedles but there is no pain at all. Once administered, the growth factors start working their magic by strengthening hair roots and encouraging new baby hair to grow.

Step 3: Laser Comb

Laser CombThe therapist then uses a medical LaserComb to photo-biostimulate the hair follicles. It takes roughly 18 minutes to work through the scalp. It works by increasing cellular activity and converting baby hair into the firm rooted hair. This is clinically proven to reduce premature hair loss!!!



P.S. The Cambridge team has a strict protocol to use fresh gloves with each patient and double sterilises your personal hair roller after every use, which is why I trust them! xoxo

Look good, feel good with Cambridge Therapeutics

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