Travel guide to Prague and the Czech Republic

Prague charm lies in its rich architectural heritage, untouched by centuries of warfare – rare for a European capital. Stumble through Prague (or was it Kafka’s?) Castle, listen to poetry in a beer pub – or Mozart in a gothic church! You will know soon, why this was his favourite city.

For a change of pace, visit Southern Moravia – a wine-growing region rich in folk art and festivals. At its southern tip are two areas on the UNESCO list of world’s cultural and natural heritage:

  • Lednice and Valtice area
  • Palava (the 2 middle photos)



Reviews, photographs, prices or price categories and direct links to websites where available for:

  • 20 scrollable panorama photos
  • 70+ restaurants, menu selection, prices, 2 photos each
  • 50+ hotels, photos of an average room + facilities
  • All important museums and other cultural venues
  • all the famous sights
  • the best/worst beer pubs walk, gardens and more
  • photo travelogues of recommended day+ trips


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