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The Skinny On Svelte – Jamie Chua

The Skinny On Svelte – Jamie Chua
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(Content by Jamie Chua)

Given the many vacations that I take regularly and my love for gourmet dining, it does get tough keeping that body svelte and looking good for pictures especially if it calls for a swimsuit shoot! The story of my life…eat and eat then OMG, NEED TO LOSE THOSE INCHES RIGHT NOW!!!! It is such a challenge for me, one who does not exercise yet eat so much. It seems I am asking for the world, to have my cake and eat it too! Even as I am typing right now, I am snacking on a plate of spring rolls and enjoying my ice-kacang! I just know that I would be a very sad girl if I cannot enjoy the food that I love.

Sometimes I think I am playing with fire, so I try to do my most hated activity…EXERCISE!!! Or even 3-day diet, which sucks BIG TIME! Trust me, I have been there and back, several times. Nobody ever said it was easy being a girl…:(

We are always our own worst critic and as long as it jiggles on me, it’s FAT and I need to fix it. Sounds kinda anal I know but I believe in staying beautiful and svelte for as long as I can, as long as I can still have the energy to desire to stay beautiful. There is no age limit! Now let me share how I lose the inches and tone up the FLABBBB.

Once weekly, I spend my time, a couple of hours doing ‘liposuction without surgery’ aka Laser Lipo Fat Removal, at Cambridge Therapeutics. It is the revolutionary new technology for non-invasive fat reduction, cellulite reduction and body shaping, using low level laser to safely penetrate the skin. Fat cells absorb the laser light and is stimulated into breaking down, allowing fat to escape through the pores. The body then eliminates the destroyed fat cells through its metabolic process.

I like it that it is a relaxing treatment with no pain at all. I simply lie on the treatment bed and the therapist place the laser pads on the treatment area for 10 minutes. I can feel a warming sensation as the laser works but otherwise, there is no downtime. my targeted areas would be my tummy and thighs and whilst the laser pads are being rotated between areas, the therapist uses Radio Frequency to tone and tighten-up my skin. Most of the time I actually fall asleep while the treatment is going on as it is just simply comfortable and relaxing. xoxo

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